We don't settle for anything

Our passion and ambition makes us take those extra steps and make the impossible happen. We don’t settle for anything. The world is a playground and we want everyone to use it to the fullest. We don’t sell  anything we wouldn’t buy ourselves and that fully comply with the needs of our customers.  

Growth dividers

Ability to create seamless digital innovations

We have an experienced in-house development team, enabling us to create that next digital step in travel. Not just for ourselves, but we love to help others get to that top class level as well.

A team on Champions League level

We select and develop colleagues who strive! Every employee has the opportunity to grow and learn along the way. We want to empower everyone within the company and with the right mindset, you can come a long way.

In-house experience

We know what a hassle events can be. We are event lovers ourselves and with our experience, we can take the hassle away. From selling tickets as a company to going there as customer: we know. And we want to be the answer to that.

No guts no glory

Winners never quit and quitters never win. This might sound cliché, but it’s our way of life. We dare to take risks and we are willing to think beyond the beaten paths and create new ones.


It all started with two entrepreneurs in an garret above a Thai restaurant in the Netherlands, dreaming of bringing people to their favourite sports team. The first tickets they sold for Feyenoord went to friends and family. The ultimate dream of becoming the largest provider in sports and event travel was turning into a plan.
Ludo and Bernie decided to expand their team under the motto ‘no guts, no glory’. The risk they took paid off. Together they flew around the world to the most beautiful games and biggest tournaments. More team members joined and they all turned out to have great talents for the event travel agency. Within no time, P1 Group grew into a team of self-formed professionals with the same dream: to become the biggest.

Breaking boundaries

You can achieve success by going over the beaten track, but that’s not what P1 Group did. Can’t go past the wall? Then we went right through it! With this motto, P1 Group is growing fast: within ten years, the company is turning into one of the biggest players in the sports and event travel industry. And P1 Group also took a step into the digital world. We are now creating an Events Sales Platform and a Ticket Management System with our in-house product & development team. Besides, we have a team of marketing specialists working for external clients to get them on pole positions too.


Alain Manche

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Alain Manche

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world is a

The success formula, if you ask Ludo and Bernie, is simple: see the world as a big playground. At the office where they work and also in the industries they are in. And because playing does not feel like work, they secretly work a lot. And that makes them successful.

We celebrate our success with company weekends that will always be remembered. P1 Group is no longer a hobby, it is a full-grown company where dozens of people work hard to make people happy. Happy customers who sleep in a hotel full of supporters or retailers who are now growing online thanks to our marketing specialists. This is exactly how Ludo and Bernie envisioned it.

The ultimate goal

The team is still dreaming and the necessary steps are being taken. We dream of planes full of our own clients, improved software systems and thriving marketing results. P1 Group is there. The ultimate goal of becoming the biggest has never been so close.